Why Choose Us

  1. At Goings Orthodontics you will receive exceptional service by every individual every day. We care for you as if you were part of our family. Every patient is treated with kindness, respect, and genuine care.

  2. Your time is important to us. Our goal is to be the best part of your day! We take excellent care of you but also get you on your way because we know you are busy.

  3. Dr. Bradley Goings is a specialist in orthodontics – which means he has an additional 2.5 years of orthodontic education and training than a general dentist.

  4. Dr. Bradley Goings was a general dentist for 5 years in the United States Air Force; therefore, he understands dentistry. He has also had an additional year of Advanced Education in General Dentistry training after his four years of dental school. Most orthodontists do not have dentistry experience and go to orthodontic school directly after dental school.

  5. The Goings Orthodontic Team has exceptionally trained team members. The entire team stays abreast of the latest advancements in orthodontic technology through Continuing Education courses.

  6. Goings Orthodontics uses the most advanced technology:
    1. We offer virtual appointments and consultations.
    2. digital x-rays that minimize radiation exposure
    3. 3D scan of your teeth for a “before and after” visualization of your teeth
    4. braces that allow for comfortable treatment and shorter treatment time
    5. patient appointment notifications via email and text
    6. laser technology that allows Dr. Goings to treat patients in the office for some impacted tooth exposures or gum tissue removal instead of going to another specialist, which also speeds up treatment, and also enhance the smile appearance.
    7. 3-Dimensional Digital X-Ray technology that allows Dr. Goings to safely and quickly diagnose tooth position, impacted teeth, TMJ/TMD and other disorders.

  7. Goings Orthodontics is committed to the community. We contribute quarterly to local sport teams, school organizations, non-profits, and community organizations needing sponsorships. Visit our website for our list as we are probably already helping someone you know!

  8. Dr. Goings exceeds the required number of Continuing Education hours needed per year. He regularly attends courses on braces and appliances, Invisalign, disorders, and the latest advancements in orthodontic technology. Every year he attends over 100 C.E. hours to enhance his knowledge for treating his patients. He is a lifelong learner.

  9. Goings Orthodontics is a family practice. Dr. Goings and his wife, Kathryn, opened the office from scratch in June 2007. They have built this practice into what it is today with the help of their extraordinary team and patients like you.